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Of course you have to drag it and be amazed



Orange Is The New Black cast attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards



Transgender Actress Erika Ervin On Her ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Role

We couldn’t be more thrilled for “American Horror Story: Freak Show” to kick off for numerous reasons, and learning that the hit FX franchise will welcome a transgender performer just makes our excitement for the show more palpable.

For more on Erika’s remarkable life including her time as a lawyer and her encounter with AIDS in the nineties watch the full mini-doc here. 


the self-indulgent dress-up character


the kid was running AWAY from the police officer and the police mistook his sandwich for a gun? there was no audible sound of bullets? he was holding a sandwich and not a gun? an off duty police officer shot an unarmed KID that was running away from him 16 times and claims that HE feared for HIS life and thought his sandwich was a gun? what more exactly do you need to hear? if you’re contesting this any way in ANY WAY then i cannot associate with you, i cannot take you seriously as a human being. if hearing all of this, if after hearing all of this in association with the past 60 days of hell the residents of ferguson/st. louis have gone through and the fact that darren wilson is still being paid and kept free after shooting dead an unarmed kid your first thoughts are ‘but he shouldn’t have had that sandwich’ then you are justifying violence, you are metastasizing an already deadly situation and you hold partial responsibility for the hostility that exists in the u.s today towards black americans 


Peanut Butter cup Blondies


[WRITING IN THE DARK] is a mix for writers looking for inspiring and yet unobtrusive music. Over the years I’ve found myself returning to certain tracks — in part for the feelings they evoke— but mostly for their ability to aid my writing process without distracting me from the story. The above is a selection of my favorites~ ♥︎

♪ Listen to this mix on 8tracks ♪

Ever since I answered this question, people have been asking me for my favorite music tracks to listen to— well, here you go! These are seriously some of my favorite tracks to listen to while writing, "Schala’s Theme" in particular tends to sneak into every single one of my books. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed making it~ ♥︎

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tbh i’d rather be weeaboo trash than anxious and depressed








this week on tumblr: everyone realizes how much of a badass neville was all along 

and maybe finally realizing that Snape was a complete asshole not a misunderstood man

Neville Longbottom: He woulda done it in 4 books

Also pointing out: Snape was an asshole to Neville because of his obsession with Lilly. He was pissed off Voldemort chose Harry rather than Neville.

Snape tortured two young boys because of an obsession with a dead, married woman.

Also: a dead married woman who turned him down when she was alive

A dead married woman who turned him down when she was alive because he went from being a supportive friend to a vicious asshole who joined a terrorist organization dedicated to eradicating her and she got fed the fuck up with his shit

#later he redeemed himselfy by#um#well#uh#hmm